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Twitter Trendsmap

To say that Twitter is huge in Vancouver is an understatement. During Vancouver Canucks hockey games the word #Canucks is often within the top ten trending topics on the service which is used by millions worldwide. Combining Vancouver and top trending topics has been a bit impossible, until now.

This afternoon Mashable featured Trendsmap, a way to find the hot topics specifically in your area. The big football match in Buffalo might not be on your top trends list however if you’re based in Vancouver perhaps you want to see why so many people are talking about the Olympics, traffic, weather, or the latest celebrity sighting.


As of this afternoon, the top trends in Vancouver are: Organic, Olyimpics, Oakridge (I assume because we have a new Apple store opening up there), Canucks, Climate, and Craig Ferguson. The Trendsmap packs hundreds of cities’ information into an interactive Google Map so it’s a big clunky right now, however the information it provides is pretty interesting. I see this being useful for hyper-local news agencies, businesses, and individuals who would just like to keep on top of what’s being talked about the most in Vancouver at any given time.

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