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Vancouver: Wonders Start Here Video

This week a colleague passed along this beautiful video of Vancouver, developed in partnership with the Vancouver Film School. The goal of this campaign is to highlight how the city has been the hub for many technological advances, start-ups, and innovative entrepreneurs over the years.

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here from Ian Andrew Bell on Vimeo.

“The goal is to put our city on the map as the technology hub that we actually have been for quite some time, by drawing together stories of products and technologies people know about and that have daily impact in a visually compelling way,” said Ian Bell of AppSocial.

Some social media companies featured in the video include Flickr and the HootSuite Twitter client.

If not for the welcoming and nurturing local tech community in which we immersed ourselves back in 2006, we would have not been able to grow our business the way we have. The success stories in this video are inspirational and a great reminder that business in Vancouver is looking toward the future, while building upon the past.

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