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Rebecca’s Book is Out Now!

By the summer of 2012 I was looking back at a few sixty4media projects and noticed that I had taken on a lighter load at the beginning of the year. The reason being that I was adding over a hundred pages to the book I published in 2010 with Eric Butow. By the fall of 2012, Blogging to Drive Business: 2nd Edition was released by Pearson/Que in the United States and it can now be spotted on store shelves across BC and Canada as well.

We took our original book and added several chapters, half a dozen case studies, and updated screenshots and tutorials to reflect the digital changes that occurred over the last two years – which can seem like a lifetime. Learn why a blog could help your business, who would be the best person to write it, what you should write about, what multimedia you can add, and read some business success stories.

Blogging to Drive Business: 2nd Edition is available at Chapters/Indigo and London Drugs locations across BC.


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