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Web visibility in Vancouver

sixty4media’s Rebecca Bollwitt is one of the web’s 20 most-visible individuals in Vancouver

This afternoon I discovered that NowPublic, along with the Vancouver Sun, issued a list of “the web’s 20 most-visible individuals in Vancouver.” I am very pleased to announce that I have come in at number 8, which is great news for sixty4media.

Here is the full list of web influencers from NowPublic and the Vancouver Sun (see also: GlobalTV)

1 Darren Barefoot
2 Tim Bray
3 Boris Mann
4 Kris Krug
5 Roland Tanglao
6 Tom Williams
7 Megan Cole
8 Rebecca Bollwitt
9 Arieanna Schweber
10 Tod Maffin
11 Dick Hardt
12 Tris Hussey
13 Alf Hermida
14 Matthew Good
15 Ian Andrew Bell
16 Travis Smith
17 Danny Robinson
18 Paul Sullivan
19 David Beers
20 David Eby

I would like to congratulate the others on the list, whom I admire very much and many of which have all supported sixty4media in their own way over the last year.

I would also like to mention the lovely, brilliant, and talented Megan Cole and Arieanna Schweber who put Vancouver’s women on the map every day with their content production and influence in the digital realm.

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