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Twitter for Business: Part Two

Expanding on my Twitter for Business post from last fall, I was giving the opportunity to speak for the IABC’s local chapter this afternoon. It was great to meet so many professionals who have their company’s best-interest in mind, including many who are on Twitter but are still unsure who to use it. My talk was a general overview of this tool and how you can get your company started — using Twitter for communications, networking, customer service, and even support.

A copy of my slides are available in the following presentation, which I recorded after my talk. run time: 22 minutes

There’s much more to be said but I feel this is a good starting point for a business – find the tools, create a complete profile, update, engage, take conversions offline, and be part of the discussion about your company or product that is more than likely already taking place online.

There were many questions at today’s talk and should you have any regarding this online version, please feel free to leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Twitter for Business: Part Two”

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  2. That was awesome! I’m going to share this with some twitter haters I know who just don’t get it. Some great examples of how useful and powerful twitter could be if used with intelligence.

  3. Great presentation! It presents on how Twitter could benefit businesses via a social networking method.
    More companies would be willing to use this method if they had known how to get started just by watching your presentation slides.

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