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Social Media Marketing in the wild: Steamrollers

Going through some photos today, I rediscovered one that was worth noting in the realm of social media marketing.

Third Tuesday: Social Media & the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

In case you’re not familiar with Steamrollers, here is how they describe themselves on their website:

Steamrollers is a unique Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept. We serve a menu of west-coast style burritos called “Steamrollers”. Steamrollers are unique, in that ALL of the ingredients are cooked exclusively with steam. In fact, we are the only QSR concept that cooks ONLY with steam! Cooking with steam prevents shrinkage, locks in moisture and nutrients and tastes great!

Their sign at the counter is a great way to promote their presence in the social media space (Twitter in this case) and what extra benefits you get as one of their followers. It’s a clever way, albeit analog, to pick up followers who are mobile based while they pay at the register and wait for their food to be prepared.

As people often ask us how one gets more followers on Twitter or Facebook, this is a simple technique if you’re a business looking to expand your presence.

Example of a tweet by Steamrollers on

However, don’t forget to keep up with what you promise as well as engage the audience you already have with worthwhile conversations. Thousands of followers are great and make you look popular, but when you have all of that attention, it never hurts to have something worthwhile to say to the community you have created on a two way street of communication.

We’ll try to do posts like this more in the future as we spot social media marketing like this in the real world.

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  1. They sure are good at social media. Now all they need to learn to do is make a burrito, starting with not steaming the meat.

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